Nantong Tajansoft Information Technology Co., Ltd.To create a satisfactory product for customers with professionalism and dedication
ERP management system development

Mature background management product system; Based on a stable system architecture, keeping up with the trend of the times; High flexibility and scalability; Series products and solutions meet the different application needs of the enterprise.

WeChat applet development

WeChat applet development is based on the WeChat platform to develop functional requirements. However, the WeChat applet has limited functions and cannot meet the various individual needs of the enterprise. Tayang plans small program development solutions according to the needs of enterprises. Enterprises quickly stepped into the era of small programs.

Enterprise official website development

Brand display, Enhance company and product image, Personalized visual design, HTML5 cool effect, Communicate seamlessly with visitors, PC, mobile phone multi-end coverage.

Software consulting

According to the actual problems, we will explore deep-seated requirements, flexible and mature underlying architecture, and provide customers with comprehensive information solutions to create high-quality consulting services.


Excellent development results are the courage of Tajan's ability to witness and develop.
Shanghai Hengwei Technology Co., Ltd. official website and background website

This company is committed to providing industry-leading products and solutions for customer information security, wireless networks, network communications and other fields.

Nantong Tianyi Ship Fuel Supply Co., Ltd.

The company mainly deals with fuel business and cargo transportation business. The official website mainly highlights its business characteristics and product advantages.

unneng Gas Intelligent Management System

This system is a set of online service systems including WEB and mobile phones, covering many business scenarios such as storage, installation, maintenance, billing, and alarm.

About Us

Nantong Tajan Technology Co., Ltd. is a young and dynamic software development company. Founded in 2016, it is located in Nantong, the pearl of the river and sea. Committed to building an information technology service platform for the Internet of Things, improving industrial efficiency, and providing "how fast and better" information technology services and support for government and enterprise customers.